Factoring Advantages

The factoring services that Pro Funding Inc. provides are a crucial financial tool for your business. The main advantage about our factoring services, is that we can provide you with immediate cash advance. We will help you solve short-term cash flow issues and assist you to grow your business. We are here to make things easier for you by offering you a broker search database and handling your collections.

Factoring Process

The way our factoring services work is very simple for our clients.

Let’s say your company wants to increase the size of its fleet to be able to serve more clients. Typically brokers pay anywhere between 30-60 days, however you need to cover immediate costs such as fuel, payroll and maintenance costs of running the route. Your company knows the situation of these immediate costs and you really feel the impact of the lack of cash flow when this situation decreases your business.

Here at Pro Funding Inc. you will be able to sell your invoices in exchange for a percent advance on the total amount within the same day.

Our factoring services will give you the opportunity to take on new customers.